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Transition Your Zoom Account to a HIPAA Sub-Account

Zoom HIPAA Upgrade

All UTHSC Users:  You must follow these instructions to continue to use UTHSC Zoom.

If you are experiencing issues with your current Zoom meeting links, you must switch to the HIPAA Zoom Account for the links to work.

UTHSC has created a HIPAA sub-account to ensure your Zoom meetings, webinars, and courses are safer.

Note: You may be asked to authenticate using DUO during this process.

To transition your Zoom account to a HIPAA Zoom sub-account:

  1. Clear your browser’s cookies and internet cache.
  2. Sign out of your account by clicking on your profile circle in the upper right hand corner and choosing Sign Out.
  3. Go to in your browser and log into your account using SSO and your NetID and password.
  4. You will see the message "You are signing into a Zoom account that is different from your current one."
    Signing in to a different Zoom account dialog box
  5. Click Switch to the New Account.
  6. You will see the message “Before you switch, be aware of the following…”
  7. Click the I Acknowledge and Switch button.
    Swtich to new Zoom account dialog box
  8. You will see the message "Zoom sent an email to the address you signed in with. Check your inbox and follow the instructions."
    Email dialog box
  9. Go to your email account and in that email, click Switch to the new account.
    Email button
  10. After clicking the Switch to the new account button, your browser will navigate to a new page and show the message “Switch to the new Zoom account.”
    Swtich to new Zoom account dialog box
  11. Click the I Acknowledge and Switch button.
  12. You will then see the message “Your Zoom Account Switch Was Successful.”
    Swtich successful
  13. Click the Sign in Now button. Click the Open button. 
    Zoom dialog box

To Confirm the Account Switch

To make sure your account was switched to the HIPAA sub-account:

  1. Open
  2. Click on the Create or Edit button. You may be required to log in to CAS or validate with Duo.
  3. On the left side of the Zoom web portal, click Account Profile.
  4. If the switch was successful, your Account Name will say University of Tennessee HIPAA. If not, go through the instructions again or contact the Helpdesk for assistance at 901.448.2222.

account profile image

Need Help?

If you have any difficulties, please contact the Helpdesk at 901.448.2222 or email

Last Published: Apr 12, 2021