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Morning Report

During ward rotations, residents engage in daily intake at which time the admissions from the previous night are presented and discussed. These sessions are led by a combination of the inpatient attendings and chief residents, and they provide a clinical context in which housestaff hone their diagnostic skills. Several times a week, specific cases are thoroughly discussed to expound upon the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to commonly seen presentations. This portion of the conference provides residents the opportunity to participate in discussions with peers and attendings to better develop a fundamental framework for approaching specific patient complaints while also learning clinical clues and nuances that aid in diagnosis and management.

On several days during each month, daily intake is followed by an additional educational session which takes one of several forms. These include short interactive games, case presentations by residents on sub-specialties, or case presentations by ward teams. The content of these sessions is driven by those concepts which commonly appear on internal medicine board exams.

Journal Club

Journal Club is held monthly during a noon conference. A senior resident leads the discussion of a recent, clinically-impactful article addressing the goals of the article, its methods, results, and significance to clinical practice. During these sessions, residents develop a conceptual framework for approaching medical literature and assessing its relevance to practice. At each session, a faculty member with interest and expertise in the article’s topic is present to offer additional insights.

Noon Conference

An hour of protected educational time is provided each weekday at noon for didactics. Noon conferences are primarily held in the North Auditorium of the centrally located Coleman Building. All lectures are teleconferenced to the other sites and available on the Noon Conferences page for later viewing. These lectures are strategically organized by the chief residents in collaboration with the of the subspecialty departments. The current noon conference curriculum follows the Medical Knowledge Self Assessment Program (MKSAP) curriculum with each month dedicated to a subspecialty. By the end of categorical training, residents will have covered the MKSAP curriculum three times. In the future, the ACP Board Prep Curriculum Program will be instituted to further guide the content of the conferences and ensure that the educational information delivered is not only evidence-based and appropriate for the resident level of education but also aimed at preparing trainees for the internal medicine board exam.

In addition to the traditional didactic format of lectures, the chief residents lead two to three interactive sessions per month during noon conference which take the form of problem based team challenges, team trivia, and team image challenges. These sessions are intended to reinforce and put into application the high-yield concepts discussed earlier in the week.

Grand Rounds

Medicine Grand Rounds are held from 8-9 am on Wednesday mornings in the North Auditorium of the Coleman Building. Lectures are presented by both UT and visiting professors and cover a variety of clinically relevant and thought-provoking topics in internal medicine.

Board Review

The Wednesday noon conference is reserved for board review. A senior resident is assigned a set of MKSAP questions associated with the week’s lecture series, and he/she prepares an interactive review session in which housestaff answer questions using an anonymous electronic response system, and the answers are then reviewed in detail with discussion of the concepts and rationale underlying the correct answer to the question. These sessions build the knowledge base of trainees, expose them to the board format of the medicine board exam, and develop residents’ exam skills.

On Friday afternoon, a more comprehensive review session covering the same weeks topics is held. As with the Wednesday session, these sessions are led by housestaff and designated as protected time for housestaff education. These conferences consist of a combination of competitive games and didactics. Sessions are supervised by chief residents to ensure that the time is utilized well and focused upon high-value topics for board examinations.

May 26, 2022