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Organization of Faculty

All appointed faculty in the College of Health Professions are members of the Health Professions Faculty Organization (HPFO). Officers, including a president, a president-elect, and a recording secretary are elected by the members. The Organization meets once every three months or more often as business may dictate. It serves as an advisory group to the dean and provides faculty input on curriculum, other items of interest to the faculty and the dean as well as providing educational seminars of interest to Health Professions faculty.

The faculty of the College of Health Professions possesses the advanced experiential and academic credentials required in a major health sciences center. In addition to being accomplished teachers and scholars, faculty in the College of Health Professions have a tradition of distinguished professional leadership at the regional and national levels. Scientists and clinical faculty from the Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, Graduate Health Sciences, Nursing and Pharmacy enrich the instructional environment for Health Professions students. Volunteer faculty and preceptors from a wide variety of health care institutions, contribute a real life perspective through their mentorship of students enrolled in the clinical educational experiences offered by the College. Faculty members consistently update their knowledge by engaging in scholarly activity and clinical service in areas related to the courses they teach.

2014-15 Officers

President: Wes Williamson, MS, MT (ASCP) – Clinical Laboratory Sciences

President-Elect: PJ Koltnow, MS, MSPAS, PA – Physician Assistant Studies

Secretary: Josh Allen, PharmD – Physician Assistant Studies

College of College of Health Professions, University of Tennessee, Memphis


The faculty of the College of Health Professions of the University of Tennessee, Memphis considers it advantageous to establish the means for periodic meetings for the purpose of effective participation of the faculty in the affairs of the College and to:

Establish inter-faculty relations and communications.

Establish dialogue between faculty and administration.

Establish a more direct route for disseminating information that becomes available to the Dean's office or about materials and situations developing in that office or otherwise.

Article I. Members

Membership in the association shall consist of all College of Health Professions appointed faculty irrespective of their employment status (such as UT, SSCC,VA, etc.)

Article II. Officers

Three officers: President, President-elect, and recording secretary, shall be elected during a regular meeting each year in November to be effective January 1 of the following year. The term of office is the calendar year.

It is the president's responsibility to chair and call meetings at regular intervals and as business may indicate.

It will be the president-elect's responsibility to assume the president's responsibilities in his/her absence and to serve as president in the following year. Department chairpersons may not serve as officers.

Article III. Meetings

The faculty shall meet a least once every three months or more often as business may dictate. Meetings will be called by the president upon his/her own initiative or upon recommendations by a faculty member of the Dean's office.

Article IV. Special Committee

Ad hoc committees may be appointed by the president as dictated by future needs.

General Information


  1. Attends College Council meetings as an ex-officio member.
  2. Serves as an ex-officio member of the Faculty Senate.
  3. Conducts elections for faculty organizations.
    1. President
    2. President-elect
    3. Recording Secretary
  4. Conducts election of faculty senate positions
    1. One department chairperson position - 3 years
    2. One member from each department - 3 years
    3. At-large members - 3 year terms

Health Professions has a total of 8 or 9 positions.

Departmental chairperson's position is nominated by the nomination committee and the entire body votes for this senator.

Each department nominates and votes for their respective department senator.

At-large positions are nominated by the nominations committee and elected by the entire body.

Senators must get 30% of their salary from our College. Department representatives must be employed in the department they represent.

The usual term for all senate positions is three (3) years. Senators may succeed themselves once. (Exceptions are made in departments where there is only one individual eligible to serve.) Because the senate does not want more than one third turnover in senators, some positions may be specified in 1 or 2 year terms instead of 3 years terms.

Elections usually take place in May or June but should be completed by September so their Faculty Senate has the names of any new senators for their October meeting.

General Function of the Organization

Advisory group to the Dean.

  1. Curriculum discussions.
  2. Pursues matters of interest to the faculty and Dean.
  3. Provides educational seminars of interest to health professions faculty.
  4. These Bylaws were last amended in October, 1991.

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