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The Withdrawal policy details what the student is required to do in order to withdraw from their college. If the student is approved by their college to withdraw, notification will be sent to the Financial Aid Office. Once notified, the Financial Aid office is required to run its return of Title IV Return of Funds process as well as the Bursar's Office is required to run its Tuition Refund process. It is the net of these two processes that will result in the student owing back some of their financial aid or the student being able to receive a post withdrawal refund:

Return of Title IV Funds Policy- This policy determines how much financial aid will be required to be returned due to a student withdrawing.

Tuition Refund Policy- This policy determines how much tuition can be refunded to the student due to a student withdrawing.

As detailed in the Return of Title IV policy listed above once a student completes 60% of a term, they have earned the right to keep ALL of the financial aid that paid to their student account. If the student attends less than 60% of the term, then the Financial Aid office will be required to calculate how much financial aid needs returned. The formula used to calculate how much exactly needs to be returned for a student is a bit complicated. Therefore, a student is encouraged to contact their financial aid counselor to discuss.

As also detailed above, the Bursar is required to determine how much tuition can be reduced as a result of the student withdrawing. In general, once the student completes 29 or more days of the term, the institution has earned all of the tuition paid by the student and no reduction of tuition will be made.

Jun 17, 2024