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New Emergency Department

The hospital has a new 56 bed Emergency Department that opened on Sept. 11, 2014. It will house all of the same capabilities plus additional Hazmat and Mass Casualty capabilities that will improve our ability to provide virtually any care needed to the Mid-South. Expanded capabilities include more critical care, trauma and acute care beds. A larger fast track and triage care area has been included, better psychiatric care centers and monitoring, and a host of improvements for staff efficiency have been made.

Chest Pain Center and Neurology/Acute Stroke Center

The University Hospital has a chest pain and stroke center that cares for emergent and critically ill cardiac and neurological patients from a catchment area that extends to all surrounding states. Currently, the neurology catchment area is believed to be the largest in the country. Multiple daily cardiac caths, nuclear stress tests, and TPA administration are the norm, and frequently emergent neurosurgical procedures take place in the center as well.

This center will continue to expand under the current plans, and residents can expect again unparalleled experience with what are often rare procedures in many programs. The Department works closely with cardiology to provide all initial management in the chest pain center, and observation and management of overnight stress tests is done by the Emergency Medicine staff. Neurology has plans for expansion of critical care observation for strokes and TIAs, and the Residency has agreed to help manage these cases and co-investigate several areas of active research interest.

Last Published: Oct 18, 2017