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CME Activity Overview

The 21 steps below outline the process of successfully planing and implementing an educational activity that is certified for CME credit through the UTHSC College of Medicine Offices of Continuing Medical Education.

Before Your CME Activity:

     Review the Content Requirements and Fees for CME services

     Choose administrators and planners for your activity

     Develop Learning Objectives for your CME activity

     Design the Educational Curriculum for your CME activity

     Plan the Agenda for your CME activity

Have all Planners and Speakers complete a Commercial Independence form.

  !  Notify the Office of CME if anyone checks Yes to both Yes/No questions on page 1.)

     Choose the Venue - get confirmation from the venue that the space is reserved

     Plan any Accommodations and Amenities for Learners - seating, handouts, food/beverages, etc

     Prepare the supporting documents required for your CME Credit Application & Activity Summary

Submit your CME Credit Application and Activity Summary and documents to the Office of CME

  !  Promote your CME activity - all marketing must include the Credit and Accreditation statements

     Coordinate the receipt of all Revenues (if applicable)

Complete a letter of agreement for any Commercial Support received (if applicable)

     Prepare the Program Materials & Educational Materials for Distribution to Learners

During Your CME Activity:

  !  Distribute the Program Materials and Educational Materials to learners

  !  Ensure compliance with CME policies

Evaluate your CME activity

     Have learners complete a Credit Declaration form (if 2 hours or more of CME)

After Your CME Activity:

Submit your CME Activity Closeout form and documents to the Office of CME

     Process the invoice and payment to the UTCOM for CME services

Now that you have a feel for the steps required in order to certify an educational activity for CME credit, you can get started planning your educational activity by reading the CME Activity Planning Guide.

Nov 23, 2022