Parking Services Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Register My Car(s)?


  1. Campus vehicle registrations provide maximum utilization of parking space, convenience and safety.
  2. Registration keeps unauthorized vehicles off campus through strict enforcement and identification of violators. Unless otherwise authorized, no vehicle may be parked on student/staff/faculty lots without a properly displayed hang tag.
  3. Registration makes it possible for the Parking Office to get in touch with you promptly on matters concerning your car.

Why Do I Have to Pay For Parking?

The parking program is wholly self-supporting. Your purchase of a parking permit or use of the coin lot enables us to maintain the parking facilities, update equipment, provide frequent patrols, and purchase supplies and equipment necessary to operate the program.

How do I obtain a Parking Permit?

By policy, any motor vehicle parked on university property at any time of day or night, other than in paid meter spaces, must display a valid UTHSC Parking Permit.

  • Students: All entering students in all UTHSC colleges and programs are required to address a series of pre-admission requirements, including on-campus Parking. These pre-admission requirements are addressed through PAR (Pre-Admission Requirements), a web-based application available only to entering students. An online student account (i.e., NetID) is assigned to all entering students and is required to enter PAR. Once an entering student makes a decision regarding on-campus parking using PAR and is assigned Parking Permit in an on-campus-parking-lot, the student will be allowed to remain in that lot (barring unforeseen circumstances) for the duration of her UTHSC academic program. Subsequent changes in on-campus parking status should be addressed face-to-face in the Office of Parking Services.
  • Faculty and Staff: Faculty and staff should work directly with the Office of Parking Services to obtain a Parking Permit.

May I purchase a Parking Permit Late in the Year at a Reduced Rate?

Yes. The cost of the parking permit is pro-rated each month. You may pay only for the months left in the year payment period.

I am a Student, Where May I Park?

Nine parking lots are available to students with parking permits. UT Parking Services restricts a student vehicle to the lot designated on the permit.

I Drive a Motorcycle. Where May I Park?

Motorcycle permits provide parking in all unmarked areas of the UT parking facilities. Unmarked areas are not defined as sidewalks, grounds or buildings. The charge is $2.00 per month. Motorcycles parked in marked designated subscribed parking areas are charged the published rate for that lot.

Where Do I Display My Parking Permit?

Your parking permit/hangtag should be hung on the rearview mirror with the lot assignment facing the windshield. If your car does not have a rearview mirror, please place the parking permit/hangtag, lot assignment facing up, on the dash near the driver's side.

When is Pay Meter Parking in Effect?

From 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Pay meter parking is not enforced on holidays (when the University offices are closed). It is enforced during the summer.

If I Get Here Late and the Lot I am assigned to is Full, Where Should I Park?

You may come by the Parking Services Office and pick up a free one-day permit for another lot with available spaces.

If I am ticketed for parking in a handicap space without an official handicap hang tag, how much will it cost?

The fee for unlawfully parking in a handicapped space is $200. This amount was set by the state of Tennessee.

My Leg is in a Cast -- I Can Not Walk From the Parking Lot. Where Should I Park?

Students or employees with temporary disabilities may apply for special parking privileges. They should submit their physician's letter stating probable duration of disability and an explanation of the need for special consideration to the Manager, Parking Services.

I Have a Permit, But I Forgot It - My Car Is In the Repair Shop -- I Have a Loaner Car-- What Should I Do?

You should come by the Parking Service Office and pick up a free one-day a temporary permit up to five times per calendar year. Thereafter the charge will be 50¢.

I Forgot My Permit and Forgot to Come by the Parking Services Office. Do I Have to Pay the Citation?

Yes, but you may send an appeal to the Parking Appeal Panel, 740 Court Avenue for faculty/staff and Student Affairs, Room 300 SAC for students. Their decision will be honored.

Where Is the Parking Services Office?

The Parking Services Office is located at 740 Court Avenue. The office is open at 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

What Happens If I Do Not Pay a Citation?

Bills are sent approximately every thirty days. If the ticket remains unpaid (past 90 days), it is sent to the Business and Finance Office for collection through the Debt Hearing process for faculty/staff. Late fees will be added.

Students fines must be paid before you can complete registration. These fines are added to the fee sheet. Late fees will be added.

Not paying your parking citations may also result in having your parking privileges revoked for the remainder of the current academic year.

If I Only Park My Car On Campus At Night, Do I Need a Parking Permit?

Yes. All students, faculty and staff are required to register with the Parking Services Office any vehicle operated or parked on the UT campus. Those who need on-campus parking only at night must purchase a Night Parking Permit for $45 per semester. The Permit allows students to park in E-garage, a gated and patrolled lot, or in any open lot on campus. The Night Parking Permit allows students to use these campus parking lots Monday through Thursday from 5:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. the next morning and from 5:00 p.m. on Friday until 4:00 a.m. the following Monday. Contact the Office of Parking Services in person to apply for a Night Parking Permit.

How Do I Pay My Parking Fees?

Faculty/Staff pay parking fees annually in advance or by monthly deductions. Students parking fees are paid at registration or in the Parking Office at the time of assignment.

How Are Parking Lots Assigned?

All parking lots are assigned on a "first come first served" basis.