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James Lewis, Ph.D.

lewis photo

James Lewis, PhD 
Associate Professor 

  • Otoacoustic emissions
  • Auditory efferent system
  • Wideband reflectance
  • Audiology   
Dr. James Lewis has been with UT since 2015. Dr. Lewis’s research interests include diagnosis of middle-ear pathology, cochlear processing in normal and impaired ears, and efferent control of cochlear sensitivity. Dr. Lewis completed post-doctoral training at Boys Town National Research Hospital. At Boys Town, Dr. Lewis investigated techniques to non-invasively assay the impedance and efficiency of the middle ear, the effect of cochlear hearing loss on auditory brainstem response latencies, and the perception of cochlear generated distortion products. During his tenure at Boys Town, Dr. Lewis was awarded an NIH F32 award. Dr. Lewis earned his Ph.D. at the University of Iowa in Fall 2013. His dissertation was on the origin of the different-latency components of transient-evoked otoacoustic emissions.
  • B.S.E., University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA (2005)
  • Au.D., University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA (2010)
  • Ph.D., University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA (2013) 


May 26, 2022