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Every patient encounter involves multiple legal and ethical issues. Health care providers who do not know the legal and ethical rules for dealing with patients are at a distinct disadvantage. Knowing the rules helps health care providers:

  • Provide better care to patients;
  • Avoid unnecessary, costly and time consuming lawsuits; and
  • Avoid embarrassing and costly disciplinary actions that may result in the loss of licensure.



This Web site is designed to help health care providers engage in self-study activities to learn the legal and ethical rules of practicing a health care profession. The site focuses on Tennessee law, but the general principles are common in most states.

Explore the tutorials for a quick overview of the legal principles. Each tutorial should take about 5-10 minutes. The factsheets may be printed and read at the learner's convenience. StudyMate™ Activties provide a more in-depth look at the issues, providing hundreds of questions and factoids to help the learner understand the nuances of the law. Presented in an easy to use, game-like format, StudyMate™ Activities make learning fun. The newsletter provides an overview of recent case law or legislation that may be of interest to health care professionals in Tennessee.


*The tutorials, factsheets, and StudyMate™ Activities were reviewed and accepted for publication by MedEdPORTAL (ID # 1706)

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Tutorials: (To begin all nine tutorials, click here. To view selected tutorials, use the menu below.)

Medical Records
Risk Management
Business Side of Medicine


Medical Records
Risk Management
Business Side of Medicine

StudyMate™ Activities Learn the law while playing games and having fun!

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Site created by: Carol A. Schwab, J.D., LL.M., Director of Medical/Legal Education, Office of Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs, Professor in the College of Pharmacy, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, TN
Contact information: legaledu@uthsc.edu
January 2010

Material found on the UT Web site is for informational purposes only, not legal or medical advice. We regret that we cannot respond to personal, legal, or general health questions. If information presented here seems pertinent to your situation, please seek help from an attorney or a qualified health care professional near you.

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