Department of Medicine, Faculty

The Department of Medicine has 120 faculty members and 148 volunteer faculty representing general internal medicine and all internal medicine subspecialties. The chairman of the department is Guy L. Reed, MD, Professor of Medicine.

The department has a long history of excellence in the education of medical students, residents, and fellows. The department has also achieved national and international recognition for its clinical and basic science research activities. These endeavors range from the pathogenesis of connective tissue disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatic fever to more clinically oriented problems such as hypertension, lipid disorders, health maintenance and prevention and clinical oncology trials. Residents have the opportunity to participate in the on-going research projects during research electives.

Circulatory Diseases

Pranab Das, MD
Richard C. Davis, MD
Dwight Dishmon, MD
Howard Horn, MD
Santhosh Koshy, MD
Ahmad Munir, MD
Kevin Newman, MD
K.B. Ramanathan, MD
Guy Reed, MD
John Riddle, MD
Judith Soberman, MD
Yao Sun, MD
Karl, Weber, MD

Click here for an in depth look at our Cardiology faculty.

In depth view of Cardiology faculty

Emergency Medicine

Tasha Ford, MD
Antonio Martinez, MD
Manoj Mazumder, MD
Carlos Shammas, MD
Chantay Smartt, MD
Michelle Surbrook, MD
Joyesh Thomas, MD

In depth view of Emergency Medicine faculty


Samuel Dagogo-Jack, MD
Joseph Fisher, MD
Ivan Gerling, PhD
Thomas Hughes, MD
Aidar Gosmonav, MD
Abbas Kitabchi, MD
Solomon Solomon, MD
Frankie Stentz, MD

In depth view of Endocrinology faculty

Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Joel Bessoff, MD
Sufiyan Chaudhry, MD
Nader Dbouk, MD
Mohammad Ismail, MD
Barbara Jackson, MD
Charles Mansbach, MD
Satheesh Nair, MD
Toan Nguyen, MD
Quinton Ray, MD
Sanjaya Satapathy, MD
Roland St. Hilaire, MD
Claudio Tombazzi, MD
Brad Waters, MD
Lacy Smith, MD

In depth view of Gastroenterology and Hepatology faculty

General Internal Medicine

Alexandra Allen, MD
James Bailey, MD
Jaclyn Bergeron, MD
Craig Dorko, MD
Amber Evans, MD
Lloyd Finks, MD
Jerry Gilless, MD
Burton Hayes, MD
Fnu Kaweeta, MD
Michael Koplon, MD
Aneel Kumar, MD
James Lewis, MD
Jimmie Mancell, MD
R. Edward Morrison, MD
Shelley Ost, MD
Gregory Phelps, MD
Andrew Pierce, MD
Mario Ray, MD
Kathryn Ryder, MD
Christopher Sands, MD
Laura Sprabery, MD
Bruce Steinhauer, MD
Heather Swanson, MD
Natascha Thompson, MD
Cyrilyn Walters, MD
Gina Walton, MD
Jarvis Walton, MD
Catherine Womack, MD

In depth view of General Internal Medicine faculty

Hematology & Oncology

Infectious Diseases

Susan Brewer, MD
Jeffrey Brint, MD
Kerry Cleveland, MD
Cathy Corbett, MD
Harry Courtney , PhD
James Dale, MD
Michael Gelfand, MD
Mack Land, MD
Shirin Mazumder, MD
John Norwood, MD
Ellen Whitnack, MD

In depth view of Infectious Diseases faculty


Ammar Almehmi, MD
Satyak Banerjee, MD
William Bastnagel, MD
R. Brad Canada, MD
C. Robert Cooke, MD
Lekha George, MD
Elvira Gosmonova, MD
Geeta Gyamlani, MD
Colleen Hastings, MD
Kim Huch, MD
Csaba Kovesdy, MD
Adnan Naseer, MD
Vinaya Rao, MD
Asif Siddiqui, MD
Arif Showkat, MD
Hieu Vo, MD
Barry Wall, MD

In depth view of Nephrology faculty

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Amado Freire, MD
John Griffin, MD
A. Stacey Headley, MD
Dipen Kadaria, MD
G. Umberto Meduri, MD
Luis Murillo, MD
Muthiah Muthiah, MD
Scott Sinclair, MD
Amik Sodhi, MD
Ibrahim Sultan-Ali, MD
Muhammad Zaman, MD

In depth view of Pulmonary faculty


Andrew Kang, MD Debendra Pattanaik, MD Arnold Postlethwaite, MD John Stuart, MD

In depth view of Rheumatology faculty


Joe Goldkamp
Samantha Houston
Rebekah Mulligan
Mannu Nayyar
Evan Paul

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