Clinical Affairs Committee

Responsibilities and Goals


Specific areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to, policies and recommendations related to the following:

  • Enhancing Awareness of Excellence in Clinical Activities
  • Promoting Clinical Research
  • Facilitating Corporate/Clinical Relations


  • Promote consistent Faculty Practice expectations and rewards within the Colleges and Departments.
  • Support Clinical Faculty professional development, including publication, resource availability and grant support.
  • Promote involvement of Clinical Faculty in all UTHSC missions by providing time to participate in teaching, research, and service.
  • Participate in the development and evaluation of policies and plans affecting Clinical Faculty and their missions.
  • Keep abreast of the new curriculum changes and be active in the content and implementation of the "Tool for Tracking Educational Activities".
  • Keep abreast of the construction plans of any new clinical building.

Members of Committee

Ajay Talati (Chair) College of Medicine - Clinical
Anita Airee College of Pharmacy
Lucy Bruijn College of Medicine - Clinical
Jim Christian College of Dentistry
Alicia Diaz-Thomas College of Medicine - Clinical
Weikuan Gu College of Medicine - Clinical
Vinay Jain College of Dentistry
Ed Lazarus College of Medicine - Clinical
Michael Levin College of Medicine - Clinical
Ann Michael College of Health Professions
Lisa Rinsdale College of Nursing

Contact Us

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Martin E. Donaldson, DDS, MS
62 South Dunlap Rm 212
Memphis, TN 38163
Phone: 901-448-6206