The most recent programming efforts include:

  • Co-hosting of a "Thriving in a Survivor World" workshop, Saturday, March 9, 2013. The event was collaboration with Women in Medicine, Student Life, SASS, University Health, Equity and Diversity, OSAES, and Academic, Faculty, and Student Affairs for all UTHSC students.
  • Submission and approval of funding for Wellness Council programming by the SGA Campus Improvement Fund Committee in the amount of $9,800.00 for suicide prevention programming, and exam study breaks.
  • Development of a training series in May 2013 for the Committee on Academic and Student Affairs to assist colleges in addressing the needs of students with disabilities and students in distress. The series will be presented to individual colleges through workshops in fall 2013 and spring 2014.
  • A "Distress Student Protocol Flipchart" resource was developed for UTHSC faculty and staff with contact information and helpful hints in April 2013. The flipcharts are currently being printed for mass campus distribution in fall 2013.
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