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Given the demands and stress experienced in graduate and professional programs, access to support and resources is vital for students' adjustment and success. Ease in identifying services creates a connection to the campus and increases the likelihood that when services or support are needed, they will be utilized appropriately.

Communication and collaboration between offices and departments that work with students can impact access to accurate information and the quality of services. Sharing information regarding services and events from the different areas assists in the accessibility of information and also provides a more united, campus presence of student support. Collaboration between the student service areas also affects the quality of services and support.


The purpose of the Wellness Council is to impact the accessibility of information and quality of services for students adjusting to the demands of this environment through a collaborative approach from each of the student service offices: Student Affairs, Student Life, Campus Recreation, University Health Services, Student Mental Health, Student Academic Support Services, Equity and Diversity, Campus Events and Campus Police.


  1. To increase student awareness of resources and support on campus.
  2. To positively affect the ease of access to services for students.
  3. To streamline the information on campus related to student services and support.
  4. To promote mental and physical health for students.
  5. To provide a healthy environment that supports student success through a proactive, preventive approach affecting students' academic performance, while decreasing attrition, and improving overall health.
  6. To focus efforts from the student services areas toward a culture of wellness.
  7. To involve students in the promotion of wellness and prevention.
  8. To utilize student leaders and groups in communicating, identifying and evaluating student services and support.
  9. To increase collaboration between student service areas and departments.
  10. To share information about support for wellness and preventive services for students to all UTHSC departments, colleges and committees.
  11. To evaluate students service areas for quality and effectiveness.
  12. To assess the need for new programs and services.
  13. To impact allocation of campus resources.


The Wellness Council will meet once a month to discuss needs of students according to the time of the academic year in each of the college/programs along with scheduled activities, services, etc. within each office. Strategic planning of collaborative services will be identified, developed and coordinated to meet the needs of students throughout the year but especially when stress and/or adjustment is more challenging such as during Orientation, Final Exams, Board Prep., etc. Ideas related to effectively communicating services and activities will be developed and identified such as with jump drives, apps, links, etc. that will enhance services, activities and consequently students connection to the campus.


There will be a formal evaluation through surveys and student usage focusing on the following areas: the process of communicating services, the impact of the collaboration of services on students' adjustment and success, the evaluation of the methods of communicating services, the value and quality of the services and activities, and the ease of accessing services and activities.


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University Health Services

910 Madison Ave. Suite 922
Memphis, Tennessee 38163 
Phone: 901-448-5630

Student Academic Support Services

8 S. Dunlap GEB, Rm BB9
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Phone: 901-448-5056
Email: sass@uthsc.edu