May Student Health 101

UTHSC Students,

May's Student Health 101 is now available!

So why should read Student Health 101, the UTHSC online health and wellness magazine at http://readsh101.com/uthsc.html ?

First, you can enter to win $1,000 for checking out the May issue.

Second, there are some great articles in Student Health 101:

How NOT to Diet
Adopt a healthy eating plan and never diet again

Getting a Head Start
Summer courses offer an opportunity to get ahead, catch up, or learn something completely new

Your Core Conditioning Guide
Our fitness expert takes the confusion out of building core strength and shows you how to do the key exercises

Uncertain About Your Career Choice?
How to find your passion and dive into the career of a lifetime

Planning Ahead for Paying Student Loans
Good money management practices now can ease your financial burden down the road

Positive Steps to Help You Beat the Blues
Learn the positive steps you can take to give your mental health a boost

UCookbook: Healthy Mocktails

FitnessU: How to Get a Great Aerobic Workout

And much more...

And if you missed it - be sure to check out the April issue, with Your Personal Finance Report Card, Ace Your Next Job Interview, Anxiety, Nutrition Q&A, Finals Stress and more, at http://readsh101.com/last_uthsc.html .

Check out May's Student Health 101 today at http://readsh101.com/uthsc.html - and enter to win $1,000!

Thanks for your time,

Student Health 101 Team
University Health Services
University of Tennessee Health Science Center

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