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Monthly Mental Health Q&A

"I am the first person in my family to pursue a college education, my family was so proud that I got into UTHSC. But ever since classes started, I'm worried that maybe I shouldn't have gotten in. The work is so hard, and I feel that I'm not prepared for the intensity of the academics here. Every night, I sit down to study, but I can't seem to focus. Even while I'm trying to read, all I can think is 'I'm not good enough to be here,' and 'there's no way I can do all of this.' I'm worried that I'm going to fail, and disappoint my family. Is there any way that UHS can help me?"

WHAT the Student Mental Health Providers can do:

  • help you to think through issues that are interfering with your ability to focus
  • teach you coping strategies that will help you to focus
  • help you distinguish between family concerns and your own personal expectations
  • help you determine whether you need help with study skills, and refer you to SASS (Student Academic Support Services), if necessary
  • help rule out other problems that could be interfering with your work, such as medical issues, and make appropriate referrals if necessary

Where to go for help on campus:

University Health Services
910 Madison Avenue (Plaza Building)

Suite 922

Memphis, TN 38163

Call 448-5064 for more information regarding scheduling an appointment.


DISCLAIMER: None of the vignettes are based on actual University of Tennessee students or specific incidents. The vignettes suggest possible scenarios but do not represent any particular University student.


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