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Work-Related Injury/Illness

If medical care is required, report to University Health Services , Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Medical care may be required for injuries, illnesses, exposures to infectious disease and exposures to chemical or other hazardous agents. Faculty/staff should report to an Emergency Department for emergencies and when UHS is closed. You do not need an appointment for work-related injuries or illnesses. All work injuries/illnesses are given priority for evaluation/treatment.

The purpose of Workers’ Compensation is to provide care and compensation to University employees who are injured or contract an occupational illness in the course of employment. The State of Tennessee Division of Claims Administration requires both an Accident and Supervisor Report to be completed for each job related injury or illness.


  1. REPORT the accident/injury to your supervisor immediately!

  2. COMPLETE AND SIGN the State of Tennessee "Accident Report" immediately and return it to your supervisor.

  3. SEEK medical attention from an authorized medical provider. UHS is an authorized provider. The workers' compensation provider directory is now available on the web. You can also obtain names of authorized physicians from the HR-Benefits office or the Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. (see phone numbers below.)

  4. YOUR SUPERVISOR must sign the "Accident Report" and complete the "Supervisor's Report" and “Initial Medical Information checklist”. Return all original forms to the HR Benefits office the day of the accident/injury if possible or soon thereafter.

Important Numbers

UTHSC Human Resources -Workers Compensation 901-448-5577

Sedgwick Claims Management- Customer Service 1-800-526-2305

Sedgwick Claims Management-Claims call in 1-866-245-8588

Prime Health Services Inc.-Medical provider info 1-866-348-3887

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Crisis Information

Information about what to do in case of various emergencies.

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