How to Donate

Kids saying thank you

Thank you for considering a donation to United Way!

Payroll Deduction

The easiest way to donate is to use Payroll Deduction. Using this method, each pay period (12 per year; bi-weekly is only once a month as well), your designated donation amount will be deducted automatically from your paycheck.

Your Payroll Deduction donation may be a percentage of your annual pay or a specific dollar amount. You choose!

Other Donation Methods

You may also choose to donate a one-time amount and pay by credit card, check or cash.

Checks should be payable to: United Way of the Mid-South.

If your donation totals $50 or more, you may even be billed in quarterly installments.

Please follow this easy procedure to donate to United Way

  1. Complete your information in Item 1 on the form
  2. Include Payroll Deduction information or credit card information In Item 2 -- or attach your check or cash to the Form
  3. Write in the specific amount you wish to donate in Item 3
  4. SIGN your Pledge Form in Item 4
  5. Keep the PINK copy for your records.
  6. Send or bring the WHITE and YELLOW copies of your completed and signed Pledge Form and donation to your designated Campaign representative.