Frequently Asked Questions

Are there minimum score requirements for USMLE Step I or Step II?
There are no minimum score requirements; however, our program is very competitive and higher scores will give you a better chance of getting an invitation to interview.

How many residents are in your program?
We are approved for eight PGY-1 categorical residents per year for five clinical years. Additionally, we currently have nine PGY-1 preliminary residents including pre-urology.

Do you require US clinical experience?
US clinical experience is not required, but recommended.

Do you accept visas?
Only J-1 visa is accepted.

Is there a requirement on how many years since graduation from medical school?
No, there is no requirement, but most of our residents come directly from medical school.

Are your residents required to do research?
Dedicated research years are available for residents in good standing. These years are usually taken after the second or third clinical year.