UTHSC Search Help

We are leveraging the searching power of Google to provide relevant and accurate results to you as you search our pages for information. It is the same as searching at Google, but if you do need some help Google has some basic search help.

What am I searching?

When you select Campus from the dropdown menu or UTHSC pages directly on the search page you are searching all pages that are in the "uthsc.edu" domain. This includes but is not limited to www.uthsc.edu, oracle.uthsc.edu, academic.uthsc.edu. You are also searching the pages of the Graduate School of Medicine (gsm.utmck.edu) and the College of Medicine in Chattanooga pages (utcomchatt.org).

When you select System from the dropdown menu or UT System pages directly on the search page you are searching the following domains:

  • tennessee.edu
  • utk.edu
  • utc.edu
  • utm.edu
  • uthsc.edu
  • utsi.edu
  • ut-battelle.org
  • utbioenergy.org
  • utsports.com
  • utladyvols.com
  • gomocs.com
  • utmsports.com

We have tried to include everything in the UT System search that is related to UT which is why the sports are also included. If a domain has been omitted, please let the webmaster know.