Faculty Handbook

The purpose of the Faculty Handbook is to provide UTHSC faculty with practical information and suggestions in working with students who have disabilities. It also offers important guidelines and suggestions for educating and accommodating students with disabilities. Students with disabilities are a rapidly growing minority in American Higher Education.

The obligation to accommodate these students extends beyond the moral responsibility and our University's commitment to academic success, there is also a legal imperative to ensuring students have equal access to educational programs and activities. As faculty you also have certain rights, which are delineated in this handbook. Student Academic Support Services (SASS) is available to assist you in finding the balance of providing the accommodation(s) without compromising the learning experience and technical standards of UTHSC programs.


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Student Academic
Support Services

8 S. Dunlap GEB, Rm BB9
Memphis, TN 38163
Phone: 901-448-5056
Email: SASS@uthsc.edu

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