Safety Training

The Office of Safety Affairs offers Safety Training in a variety of subject areas. A summary of the most common training classes offered, along with the target audiences and requirements are below.

To complete the training classes online, log In to the Skillsoft Portal using your NetID and Password.

Some courses are available only by arrangement or online through the Skill Soft e-learning system. Biosafety Modules are available through CITI training.

Laboratory Safety Training

Online – Prerequisites: None

This course is an integrated baseline training required for all laboratory personnel. It includes elements necessary to meet the mandatory safety training requirements for most laboratories, including Hazard Communication, OSHA Laboratory Standard, Fire Safety, Chemical Safety, Biosafety, Blood Borne Pathogen and awareness level Radiation Safety.

Shipping of Hazardous Materials

Classroom Style – Prerequisites: Current Safety Training

This course is required for all personnel shipping hazardous materials as defined by the UT Department of Transportation. Examples include biological specimens, dry ice and chemicals. This class is offered only as needed and has a minimum enrollment of 4 personnel. Please contact Safety Affairs for details or to seek assistance as necessary.

Hazard Communication Right to Know (OSHA/TOSHA)

OnlinePrerequisites: None

This course provides an overview of chemical hazards, identification and safety precautions. Completion of this course or equivalent content is required for all personnel who work on this campus. New Employees shall complete training prior to using any hazardous chemicals. New researchers must complete Lab Safety Training in lieu of this particular module.

Blood Borne Pathogens (OSHA/TOSHA) 

Online – Prerequisites: None

This course is designed to meet the requirements of the OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen Standard. It is required for all personnel who handle or may reasonable be expected to be exposed to human materials. Online training must be completed during normal university business hours.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Training 

Classroom or Online – Prerequisites: None

This course covers the proper use, limitation and requirements for using a Portable Fire Extinguisher. It is required for certain personnel based on job function, but is recommended for all personnel.

Radiation Safety Training for Radioactive Material

Classroom – Prerequisites: None

This course is required for all personnel who wish to work with radioactive materials. Please contact the RSO to arrange scheduling.

X-ray Safety Training

Classroom – Prerequisites: None

This course or equivalent recognized training is required for personnel who wish to use X-ray generating devices.  Please contact RSO to arrange scheduling.

Laser Safety Training

Online – Prerequisites: None

This course or equivalent documented training is required for all operators of Class 3b or 4 lasers or laser systems. In addition, users must complete training in specific operating procedures and precautions based on the lasers to be used.