The University of Tennessee Policies on Safety and Health



The University recognizes the need to provide assurances to its employees and students that their concerns about the environment and work conditions at the University are safe and meet all required safety standards. Employees are to be provided with an appropriate method and/or a means to express any such concerns and these concerns must be reviewed by the University for appropriate action.

  1. Each location, campus and health care facility shall develop a policy and procedure that will assure the following:
    1. An active method to solicit employee concerns, complaints and/or method of reporting of unsafe conditions.
    2. There is a specific procedure in writing for the handling of employee concerns, complaints and/or reporting of unsafe conditions by the appropriate campus party.
    3. There exists a method by the appropriate campus party to act upon and respond in a timely manner to any such employee concerns and complaints of unsafe conditions.
    4. That the campus SO or the designated person(s) shall maintain a record (log) of all such complaints or concerns made by employees or students. Concerns relating to personal security and potential criminal acts are to be addressed outside of this policy.
  2. Persons who may make known their concerns or complaints about their safety and health shall:
    1. Not be subject to any retaliatory or disciplinary action by the University.
    2. Be encouraged to promptly report all such concerns and complaints to the appropriate campus person(s).
    3. Be able to make their concerns or complaints known anonymously in accordance with the existing campus policy and procedure.
    4. Be informed of their right to report to Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Agency (TOSHA), in addition to their reporting their concerns or complaints to the appropriate campus person(s).
    5. The SO should analyze the employee concerns based on nature, location, department and severity annually, making any recommendations for action to the campus administration based on this analysis.
  3. Specific instruction and information about this policy and the campus procedures shall be included in all employee orientation and subsequent safety related training.
  4. Compliance with the aforementioned policy and procedures shall be monitored by the SO at each location, campus or health care facility.

Reference: TCA Section 50-3-101-50-3-918 (TOSHA) University of Tennessee Policies on Safety & Health, Subject A, P. 4-7, and Subject D, P. 10.