The University of Tennessee Policies on Safety and Health



REVISED 7/1/91

The University will make every reasonable effort to prevent or control those activities which may present risks of bodily injury and property damage. Various unlawful acts by individuals as described here are subject to this policy.

Each of these acts can, and do, expose the University, its employees, students and the public to unnecessary risks of bodily injury of property damage.
These offenses are:

  1. Falsely reporting the presence of an unlawful explosive or incendiary device with the intent to mislead, deceive or disrupt the operation of the University or a scheduled event sponsored by the University.
  2. Any act of arson, falsely reporting a fire or other emergency, falsely setting off a fire alarm system, tampering with or removing from their proper locations fire extinguishers, hoses or any other emergency equipment except when done with real need for such equipment.

*Such acts are in violation of existing Tennessee law.

  1. Up to five hundred dollars ($500.00) will be offered for information leading to the identification, apprehension and successful prosecution of violators through the University disciplinary system or the courts, as deemed appropriate by the University's administration.
  2. Such a reward shall be paid subject to the approval of the Vice President for Business and Finance and based on the recommendation of the Chancellor or Chief Administrator of the location where the offense occurred. Please submit all requests for reward to the Director of Risk Management.

Each campus or unit may elect to establish an advisory committee who responsibility shall be to recommend the implementation of this policy.