The University of Tennessee Policies on Safety and Health


EFFECTIVE: 3/15/86

REVISED 6/1/89

Each campus, location or health care facility shall establish a program for the assurance of the safety of those persons in addition to the University's employees who may be a visitor, patient or student who utilize the facilities or services offered by the University. Such a program should include:

  1. Identification and evaluation of potential hazards arising out of the particular use of University facilities or property, both real and personal.
  2. Determination of what is the safe and appropriate use of University property.
  3. Compliance with municipal and/or state fire and safety codes for public property.
  4. Conformity to those standards established by various accreditating agencies.
  5. A system for the correction or elimination of identified hazards or exposures for potential injury or loss to the University.
  6. Accidents or incidents involving visitors, patients or students must be promptly reported to the Office of Risk Management.
  7. Each campus, location or health care facility should establish within that entity an interdisciplinary committee for the purposes of reviewing potential hazards, incidents and accidents that occur at that location for the purpose of advising the campus administration and the SO on policies and practices relating to the prevention and control of such occurrences.