The University of Tennessee Policies on Safety and Health


EFFECTIVE: 3/15/86

REVISED 6/1/90

The University of Tennessee, its locations, campuses, and health care facilities who possess, use, transport and dispose of ionizing radio active materials, shall do so in accordance with federal, state and local regulations governing the use of these sources. Each locations campus or health care facility shall appoint a Radiation SO and appoint a Radiation Safety Committee in accordance with its licensed or registered use of these sources.

The appointed Radiation SO shall have those duties and responsibilities for the safe handling, licensing, registration and disposal of ionizing radiation sources as may be required under the location's license(s) or registration(s). Such sources shall include, but are not limited to: radioactive materials, x-ray machines, and particle accelerators. The Radiation SO and the Campus SO shall assume those duties and responsibilities as may be necessary to ensure the safe use of those facilities containing these ionizing radiation sources.

In the event of any cited violation by federal, state, or local regulatory agencies, immediate notification and proposed remedy of same shall be made to both the Campus SO and University-Wide Safety and Health Administration.