The University of Tennessee Policies on Safety and Health


EFFECTIVE: 3/15/86

It shall be the responsibility of each campus, location or health care facility of the University to develop a comprehensive Safety and Health Inspection Program. Such an inspection shall be no less than on an annual basis. The program shall be directed by the SO and shall be coordinated with appropriate campus officials.

The program shall include recommendations for the correction and abatement of those life safety, health and property loss hazards as may be identified in the course of these inspections. The inspections shall also determine specific compliance, understanding and practice of state, local and federal laws and rules regarding employee safety, public health, the environment, etc., relating to the specific functions at that location. The inspections shall include all facilities under the control of the particular campus, location or health care facility and shall be conducted on an annual basis. Report of the findings of the SO shall be made to the appropriate campus official.

It shall also be the responsibility of the SO to follow-up on compliance with those recommendations for hazard correction and abatement made as a result of the inspection. The SO shall report the result of such compliance with these recommendations. Compliance with those recommendations made by the SO in the course of his/her inspection shall be given prompt attention by the appropriate dean, director or department head of the area affected.