The University of Tennessee Policies on Safety and Health


EFFECTIVE: 3/15/86

The University of Tennessee acknowledges the need to establish an overall policy for the assurance of the safety and health of its employees, students, visitors and the general public in the conduct of the University's various missions. The University realizes the necessity of a commitment of all levels of its faculty, staff and administration at every campus, location and health care facility in the accomplishment of these desired goals.

The University recognizes the uniqueness of its various settings in terms of facilities and mission and, therefore, seeks by the following policy statements to provide each campus, location and health care facility with basic general safety and health policy standards. Specific operational procedures shall be established and implemented by each campus, location or health care facility as may be needed or required.

The University will, as its overall policy, seek to adhere to the laws of the State of Tennessee and to local and federal codes, ordinances and regulations as may be applicable. In the development of general and specific safety and health policies and practices, the University will recognize the rules and guidelines set forth by various accrediting academic and scientific agencies.

It shall be the policy of the University that each campus in the establishment of its safety and health programs and activities will identify, evaluate, control and manage those hazards which may produce bodily injury and loss to property.

Each campus, location and health care facility shall develop an identifiable plan for a safety and health program that can be communicated to and carried out by the various departments and units of that campus in the conduct of its safety and health responsibilities.