Evaluation Process

Evaluation Committee

A standing committee of funded, tenured, senior faculty will be appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Research to evaluate requests. The committee will be limited to 5-6, and members will be from all Colleges and the Faculty Senate Research Committee who have history of funding.

Evaluation Process

The Evaluation Committee will weigh all factors including current and past productivity, granting agency critique of the unfunded grant, the PI's proposed response to the critique, and the budgetary request and score the application as top 25%, top 50% or top 75%. Priority will be given to investigators with a strong history of funding (relative to rank) and productivity who may have no funding, compared with investigators with other sources of funding (i.e. multiple R01s or endowment; although the latter investigators are also eligible). The committee will make a recommendation of no support, partial support, or full support. Further, the highest priority will be awarded to those requests that look most promising to receive extramural funding. The Evaluation Committee will provide a brief written recommendation that can be forwarded to the PI. A recommendation of "no support" will automatically move the bridge funding request to the next period of evaluation for reconsideration (3 evaluations / year).

The application that meets the criteria for eligibility will be approved for funding by the Vice Chancellor for Research in consultation with the Evaluation Committee. However, in some cases where the application may represent conflict of interest or present some problem in its evaluation, the Vice Chancellor for Research will ask the Evaluation Committee for review.

End of the Year Report

A report at the end of the year of support should be submitted by the PI to the Evaluation Committee. The requirements for this report will be provided prior to year end.