Breeding Colony Management

The Laboratory Animal Care Unit provides consultation to investigators on rodent breeding colony management, offers rodent breeding colony management services, and coordinates specialized husbandry needs for individual rodent breeding colonies.

Consultation prior to breeding colony establishment is required to identify husbandry needs for the colony and to develop a colony-specific standard operating procedure (SOP). Consultation is also strongly encouraged if production is less than anticipated to identify potential factors that may be adversely impacting production and to discuss strategies to improve production.

breeding Typical rodent breeding colony management services include setting up breeding groups (pairs, trios, harems), weaning, and separating offspring into groups by sex and parental source. The LACU also maintains breeding records for colonies that are fully managed by the LACU and can provide data on reproductive efficiency. Special services such as timed-matings, vaginal plug checks, daily checks for new litters and tissue collection for genotyping can also be performed. If an investigator wishes the LACU to fully manage their rodent breeding colony or has special requests of the LACU for investigator-managed colonies, inquiries should be made to the area supervisor.

Specialized husbandry and breeding colony management duties are conveyed to LACU husbandry personnel through the use of detailed colony-specific SOPs in-service training. These clearly delineate the responsibilities of LACU husbandry personnel, and are prepared by the veterinary staff in consultation with the investigator. Our mission is to provide efficient, cost effective, high quality rodent breeding and related services to the research community while maintaining the highest Quality Assurance and customer service standards.