Blood Collection

There are many anatomic locations on mice and rats from which to collect blood. The site chosen will depend on the required volume, the frequency of collection and collection the need for anesthesia. Sites include the facial (submandibular vein), the retro-orbital sinus, the lateral saphenous vein, the jugular vein and intracardiac collection. Blood collection from the retro-orbital sinus or the jugular vein must be performed under general anesthesia while intra-cardiac blood collection is a terminal procedure that also requires general anesthesia.

collection Our veterinary technicians are trained in blood collection, with or without anesthesia. Blood volumes are collected in accordance with PHS guidelines and the frequency of collection. Blood samples can be collected into microvaccutainer tubes for subsequent analyses of whole blood, serum or plasma, according to your research needs.

Fees: Technician time of $37.50/ hour + supplies (blood collection tubes, glass pipettes etc)

**Blood collection procedures and anesthesia must be listed and described in an approved IACUC protocol**