Animal Tattooing

The Laboratory Animal Care Unit has an AIMS Neonate and General Rodent Tattoo System that can be used to tattoo permanently identify individual mice and rats. Adult animals are usually tattooed on the tail, while neonates are tattooed on the toes. Tattooing is usually performed without anesthesia although topical lidocaine or EMLA cream can be used in adult animals.

Our veterinary technicians are trained in the use of this system and can tattoo animal tails according to your numbers desired numbering scheme or toes according to a standardized scheme shown below.

Fees: There is a base charge of $50.00 for each tattoo session to cover the cost of a clean tattoo needle, pigment, tissue oil, and incidentals plus a per animal charge of $0.50.

**Tattooing procedures must be listed and described in an approved IACUC protocol**