Anesthesia Monitoring

The Laboratory Animal Care Unit has purchased a Starr MouseOx pulse oximeter that is very useful for measuring and recording physiological parameters in adult adult and neonatal mice and rats. The infrared sensor is placed over a non-haired area and can record oxygen saturation, heart rate and breath rate. It can record heart rates up to 900 BPM and breath rates up to 450 BrPM. The device uses a USB plug-and-play technology and easily turns your Windows- based computer into a low-cost physiologic monitor. Data can be monitored in real-time, while recording to a file at 1, 5 or 15 Hz (user selectable). Data can be stored at pre-set time points and can be opened with Microsoft Excel.

computer This unit is available from the LACU and comes with software that can be installed on any Windows-based computer.