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NOTE:  Fields with a red asterisk (*) beside them are required; you will not be able to complete this screen without providing the required information.

General Information

Funding Agency(ies)

Funding Agency – Enter the name of the agency or institution from which UT will receive funds; e.g., NIH, NSF, American Heart Association; University of Memphis, St. Jude Children’s Research Institute.  Click on the magnifier to open a search window to locate the agency.

Funding Opportunity/Sponsor Application Number – Enter the RFP/RFA or other number assigned to the funding opportunity by the sponsor.

Sponsor Program Name – Enter the name of the program to which you are responding.

Proposal Guideline URL – Enter the link to the sponsor’s guidelines for this proposal.  If a url is not available, attach a copy of the solicitation or sponsor guidelines on the “Attachments” screen.

Prime Funding Agency – Enter the name of the agency/institution providing the original funds.  E.g., if UM is submitting a grant to NIH, and UTHSC is a sub; enter NIH here.

General Proposal Information

Short Project Name – Please enter PI Last Name, Agency (e.g., NIH, Army), and 2-3 key words.  For Army grants, also enter the Army log #.  Examples:  Smith/NIH/Calcium Uptake; Smith/ Army/Pneumonia  PC000001.

Project Start Date – Date on which the project is proposed to start

Project End Date – Date on which the project is proposed to end

Functional Area Code – Click on the link and select an appropriate function code for the project; most UTHSC proposals will be for applied research, basic research, clinical research, fellowships, or training.

CFDA Number – For federal projects, the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) will include the CFDA number.  This number is not required for NIH proposals.

Proposal Type – Please use the drop-down box to select the type of proposal: new, amendment, etc. For new proposals, the default will be “new.”

Parent Project

Award Instrument – Please use the drop-down box to select the type of award instrument that is expected: grant, NIH grant, contract, etc. If you choose NIH grant, another drop-down box will appear that will allow you to select the type of grant expected.

Will this proposal be submitted electronically to the sponsor? – Please answer Yes or No and use the drop-down box to provide information about the method of submission:, Central, NSF Fastlane, etc. if “other” use the space provided to enter a url or e-mail address to be used for submission.

Does the sponsor require a paper copy of this proposal or any part thereof? – Please answer Yes or No.

Is this proposal being submitted for funding under the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (Stimulus Funding)? - This box should be checked if this proposal is to be funded with ARRA funds.

Award Admin Dept - Please click on magnifier to select the department where the award will be administered.

Affiliated Department(s) - Click on the link to select departments that are involved but that are not represented by an investigator on the personnel screen.

Sponsor Deadline – Enter date (MM/DD/YYYY) or use calendar to select date of date on which the proposal is due at the sponsor. Time – enter time proposal is due to sponsor.

Please indicate whether proposal deadline is by postmark (submission) date or receipt date.

Title of Project – Enter full title of project as it will be submitted to sponsor.

Investigators/Research Team

Please enter here the name of the Principal Investigator (Lead PI) and any co-investigators at UT (any campus), as well as the names of individuals in other departments whose chairs need to approve the document as it is routed (anyone paid on the grant and anyone contributing significant time with no pay). Do not include non-UT people.

For NIH Multiple-PI grants, the "corresponding PI" should be designated here as the Lead PI. Please list the name of the PI first and other individuals later, as the first person entered will automatically be assigned the title of "Lead PI."

If the Lead PI changes, you can make the correction via "Edit" or "Remove" links on this page.


Generally, UTHSC does not allow cost-sharing  or matching unless the agency requires it for a specific proposal.  In cases where cost-sharing is proposed,  you must indicate each department and account # that will be charged; and the proposal will be routed to those units, as well as Finance and Operations, for approval.


If the proposal involves the use of personnel/space/equipment not under the control of the PI--including employees of  affiliated institutions such as Methodist LeBonheur, UTMG, etc., please include specific information here.

Conflict of Interest

Questions about identified conflicts of interest may be addressed to Melanie Burlison at

Site Completed CITI Course for the IRB Do not have a CITI account
UT COM - Chattanooga Add COI Module to Course list Create Account and Add COI Module
UTHSC - Memphis Add COI Module to Course list Create Account and Add COI Module
UTGSM - Knoxville Add COI Module to Course list Create Account and Add COI Module


Please list here any institutions who may be participating in the project as subcontractors/subawardees.  Do NOT include service contracts or consultants here.

Approving Departments

All departments whose personnel have effort on a project, with or without pay, should approve the proposal.  There may be other cases in which a proposal needs to be reviewed by a specific department; please add any such departments here.