Nanodrop, Qubit, and SpectraMax M2e Plate Reader

For Nanodrop, contact MRC (448-6191), for Qubit, contact Lorne Rose, and for SpectraMax M2e Plate reader, Felicia Waller.

  Nanodrop Qubit SpectraMax M2e Plate Reader
Application Absorbance
Concentration of Nucleic Acid
Concentration of RNA or DNA
Absorbance, Florescence, Luminescence
RNA, DNA, Proteins
Range 10ng-3000 ng
(Accuracy diminishes less than 20 ng/µl and above 1500 ng/µl)
RNA Broad Range: 20-1000 ng
RNA: 5-100 ng
DNA Broad Range: 2-1000 ng
DNA HS: 0.2-100 ng
Depends on the assay type
Advantages A260/A280 ratios and A260/A230 ratios;
Able to read 1 sample or 8 samples at a time
Usually not affected by organics, High accuracy and sensitivity Able to read both 96-well plates and cuvette. Flexible platform; able to read nucleic acids and proteins. Very sensitive. Reads top and bottom, and has thermal regulation from 4°C to 45°C.
Disadvantages Concentrations affected by contaminants Can’t tell purity of sample Purity of samples can affect readings
Special Instructions Samples should be in water or low TE.
Nucleic acid samples only.
Contaminated samples will need to be purified.
Needs ~15 min preparation time First time users should be trained on software. MRC does not provide cuvette or plates. For kinetic assay, please write down the start and finish time.