MRC Products Price List

There will be a 10% surcharge for all other academic institutions and a 20% surcharge for all non-academic institutions in addition to the prices listed on this page. (unless otherwise noted)

Prices subject to change without notice.

Product Description Unit Price
ABI GAPD Vic Probe & Primer, Academic $125.00
ABI 5500xl Transcriptome Library, Academic contact us
ABI 5500xl Fragment Libraries, Academic contact us
ABI 5500xl Mate Pair Libraries, Academic contact us
ABI 5500xl Transcriptome Library, Academic contact us
Affymetrix Arrays Price List Follow LinkLink to Acrobat file
Affymetrix Quantigene  contact us
Agilent, DNA 1000 chips $35.00
Agilent, DNA 7500 chips $35.00
Agilent, DNA 7500 Kit $725.00
Agilent, DNA High Sensitivity chip $50.00
Agilent, RNA Analysis, Nano Chip $35.00
Agilent, RNA Analysis, Pico Chips  $35.00
Agilent, RNA Analysis, Small RNA Chip $44.00
Amine Substrate Slides $7.10
Dnase, per sample $2.00
Eppendorf Robot supplies contact us
Fluorescent Microscope $0.00
Fluidigm 48 sample gene expr. Chip $250.00
Fluidigm 96 sample gene expr. Chip $710.00
Gene Pix (Academic) $0.00
Gene Pix, Non-academic $25.00 per hr. 
Genotyping, Transnetyx, 1 Allele $9.00
Genotyping, Transnetyx, 2 Allele $10.00
Genotyping, Transnetyx, 3 Allele $11.00
Genotyping, Transnetyx, 4 Allele $12.25
Genotyping, Transnetyx, 5 Allele $13.50
Genotyping, Transnetyx, 6 Allele $15.00
Genotyping, Transnetyx, 7 Allele $17.00
Genotyping, Transnetyx, 8 Allele $19.00
Genotyping, Transnetyx, 9 Allele $21.00
Genotyping, Transnetyx, 10 Allele $23.00
Genotyping, supplies (per plate) $18.00
Illumina Microarrays contact us
KAPA Syber Fast $50.00
KAPA Probe Fast $44.00
LC480 384-well plates $7.00
LC480 96-well plates $6.50
LC480 Genotyping Master Mix $241.00
LC480 HRM (Heat Resolution Melting) Kit $345.00
LC480 RT-PCR machine time $5.00
LC480 SyBr Green Master Mix $56.00
LC480 TaqMan Master Mix $56.00
LC480 Transcriptor First Strand Kit $164.00
LC480 UPL Probe $8.00
Microtiter Plate Reader $0.00
Qiacube, DNA  per sample $7.00
Qiacube, RNA per sample $10.00
Qubit , sample prep per sample $1.00
Sequencing $5.00
Sequencing,  (non academic) $7.00
Sequencing, (other academic) $6.00
Sequencing, complex/difficult samples $12.00
Sequencing, complex/difficult, (non-academic) $14.00
Sequencing, 96-well plate $442.00
Templiphi Preparation for sequencing $2.50
Spectrophotometer (Nanodrop) $0.00

Prices subject to change without notice.

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