Surplus Property Redistribution

The UTHSC Surplus Property section of Procurement Services is responsible for repurposing of surplus property. A wide range of surplus furniture and equipment (including printers, office supplies and lab equipment) is regularly made available for repurposing to UTHSC departments. Generally there is no cost to receiving departments to obtain surplus. Delivery charges may apply to shipments made outside of the main UTHSC campus in Memphis.

Departments are encouraged to check with Surplus Property for furniture or equipment before initiating purchases of new items. Go to the Surplus Property Inspection/Withdrawal webpage for specifics.

Surplus does NOT redistribute surplus computers as this is handled directly through the ITS Help Desk at 901-448-2222.

For additional information about surplus property contact:

Surplus Property
682 Court Avenue
Memphis, TN 38105                                                                          

Jim Randolph, Manager                                                                                    Phone: 901-448-2955

Mike Smith, Service Assistant                                                                  Phone: 901-448-2550                                                                                Fax: 901-448-2960                                                                                  Email:


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