Purchasing Instructions

Purchase Standard Configurations with No Changes

For Dell standard configuration orders with no changes, the Business Manager will order these computers online at the Dell Premier site. Choose the standard computer configuration and click on the Add to Cart button. Select Checkout on the next screen and fill in the requested information.

ITS keeps a number of the standard desktop computers on hand. If you wish to buy a standard desktop, call the HelpDesk UTHSC HelpDesk icon and set up a work order. This will expedite delivery to your area.

The Business Manager may order more than one standard configuration by simply changing the number in the quantity field on the order.


Purchase Standard Configurations with Minor Changes

If you want one of the standard configurations but would like to make a few minor changes, select the configuration changes click on the Add to Cart button for the appropriate standard configuration.

Select Checkout on the next screen and fill in the requested information.

Purchase Dell Computers with E-quote

If the department wants a Dell computer other than the standard configurations they can select any model Dell computer, customize it, and then produce a Dell E-Quote. The Business Manager would then complete the orders online.  Orders under $1,500 can be charged on your procurement card.  All orders over $1,500 should be invoiced.

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