Request PO Change or Cancellation

This is a summary of the procedure for requesting a purchase order (PO) change or cancellation.

The originating department will take the initial step to request PO modification. To communicate the request to Purchasing Services, the originating department will modify the IRIS purchase requisition originally used to request the PO and submit the request through the workflow approval process. However, the status of the requisition must first be changed by Purchasing Services to allow modifications. To request a change in the requisition status, send the request via e-mail to the buyer who created the PO, requesting that the requisition used as the basis for the PO be changed to allow for the processing of a PO modification request.

General Steps for Effecting a Change to a PO

  1. Department Action: Contact the buyer via e-mail to request the status of the requisition used to create the PO be changed. The e-mail should also include the reason for requesting the change, the requisition number and the PO number.
  2. Purchasing Services: Take appropriate IRIS action, then reply to the e-mail received from the department in Step 1 indicating that the requisition status has been changed and that the department can proceed to make their request for PO modification.
  3. Department Action: Using the ME52 Change Requisition command, request that the PO created in reference to the requisition be changed.
    • In the short text field of line item 001 of the requisition, in CAPITAL LETTERS, change the short text to read CHANGE PO (PO Number).
    • Change the material group in line item 001 to 99. Then enter the requested PO change and the reason for the PO change request in the long text field of the Buyer Instructions text.

      NOTICE: Always include the PO number in short text field and in the reason for PO modification in the Buyer Instructions text field. These are the only changes needed; now click on Save.

  4. Department Action: Using the ME 54 Individual Release command, release the requisition using the release code A. This action will release the requisition and cause a workflow to be sent to the approver who will in turn approve or reject the request for PO modification request.
  5. Approver Action: From the Office In-Box, the approver should review the request to change the PO then approve or reject the change.

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