Other Services Available

The following services are available from Purchasing Services at no cost to departments.

  • Budgetary Estimates: price quotes for pieces of equipment or some supplies to include in grant proposals or budget requests.

    NOTICE: Send an email to Purchasing Services and request a budgetary estimate. Requests must include quantity, product description, manufacturer and model or catalog number of the item(s) needed, the date the estimate is required, and the requester's contact information. A purchasing agent will prepare a budgetary estimate and respond by email or fax.

  • RFP Development: help preparing a Request for Proposal (RFP) for services or other special requirements.
  • Specification Writing: assistance in preparing specifications for specialized equipment or services.
  • Procurement Planning: help planning for purchases of equipment and supplies needed for a new grant, project, or lab.
  • Vendor Information: phone numbers, address, contact person, account number, etc.
  • Vendor Problem Resolution: help getting vendors to ship an item or complete a purchase order (PO), to accept a return or issue a credit; help disputing invoice.
  • Product Sourcing: help locating a vendor to supply hard-to-find equipment or supplies required for a project.

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For additional information or to request assistance, call 901-448-5594 (prompt 0) or send an email to purchasing@uthsc.edu.

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