Non-Competitive Purchases (NCJ)

To document an emergency purchase of $10,000 or above or to request that a purchase of $10,000 or above be made on a non-competitive basis in accordance with Fiscal Policy FI0410 (Purchasing – Bidding Requirements), the department should process IRIS transaction ZNJ_MAINT_REQ_NCJ (Maintain Requisition Non-Competitive Justification). Instructions for completing this transaction are available within the IRIS transaction by going to the top of the screen and click on Help >> IRIS Help.

The following steps must be followed in processing a Purchase Requisition that has a corresponding Non-Competitive Justification (NCJ):

  1. Create the Purchase Requisition in IRIS and save (but do not release). You will obtain the Purchase Requisition number.
  2. Create the Non-Competitive Justification (NCJ) in IRIS in accordance with the instructions above. Enter the Purchase Requisition number in the appropriate field. Save and release the transaction. Make a record of the NCJ number that is assigned in IRIS.
  3. After you receive notification that the NCJ has been approved, open the Purchase Requisition in IRIS using the ME52N (Change Purchase Requisition) transaction. Enter the NCJ number in the header text field while in the transaction. Save the transaction and then release the Purchase Requisition using IRIS transaction ME54N (Release Purchase Requisition).

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