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Fisher Scientific is the University's official source for laboratory supplies, chemicals, and small scientific instruments and lab equipment.

Order Placement

On-line ordering through the website is the preferred ordering method. Click on the "Place Rapid Order" link. For assistance with ordering via or to place a telephone order, call 1-800-766-7000.

User Account Setup

To access UT's contract pricing and place on-line orders, you need a Fisher Scientific user account. If you do not have a user account, complete the on-line Fisher New User Profile to request an account. Once you have completed the registration process, the information will be validated by the Fisher Website Support Team. Note that this process normally takes less than 24 hours. Your personal user account should be linked to your departmental account number. The UT Procurement Card is the preferred payment method. To save your procurement card number in your user profile, take the following steps. Once you have logged in at the website using your user ID and password, click on your name at the "town center" of the Fisher webpage. This will pull up all your profile information. You will then see "Credit Card Information (Add New Credit Card)".

Payment Method

The UT Procurement Card is the preferred payment method. See information above to register your procurement card number in your account profile. If it is not feasible to utilize a procurement card, invoices from Fisher Scientific should be entered into IRIS using transaction MIR7 in reference to framework purchase order number 6500000359.

Equipment Purchases

Laboratory equipment and scientific instruments not to exceed $25,000 per individual item may be ordered on the Fisher contract. Laboratory equipment requirements above this amount must be submitted to Purchasing Services in an IRIS purchase requisition. For equipment purchases, appropriate asset numbers must be created and an invoice must be received and sent to Accounts Payable for entry into IRIS. Procurement card cannot be used to order and pay for equipment items that are classified as assets. See Fiscal Policy FI0605 (Equipment) for additional guidance.

For additional information or for assistance using the Fisher Scientific contract:

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