General Stores

UTHSC General Stores is a convenient, on-campus source of laboratory supplies and chemicals for teaching and research. General Stores is a self-supporting recovery operation which purchases in sufficient quantities to receive maximum discounts and/or freight concessions in order to pass savings on to University departments. Many items are stocked and sold in less than case quantity.

Items Sold

General Stores stocks a wide variety of routine lab supplies including, glassware, pipettes, tubing, filter papers, dry ice, and many more. Additionally, General Stores has freezer programs for the storage and sale of restriction enzymes and other frozen items with the following suppliers: Roche, Invitrogen/Gibco BRL, New England BioLabs, Promega, Cellgro and Sigma. General Stores can assist with sourcing hard-to-find items.


The General Stores catalog of stocked items is maintained on-line. This catalog indicates the stocking status for each item in inventory along with the price.

Packaging/Shipping Services

For your convenience, General Stores can package and wrap items for shipment. General Stores also has the capability to place shipments with UPS on behalf of department.

Order Placement

The preferred method of order placement is through the General Stores On-line Order form. Orders may also be sent by fax to 901-448-8747 or phoned in to 901-448-6152. Walk-in orders are also accepted.


General Stores delivers to all locations on the main UTHSC Memphis campus at no additional charge.

Delivery charges may apply to deliveries to other locations.

Payment Method

Departments are charged via transfer voucher in IRIS.

For additional information or for assistance, contact:

UTHSC General Stores
B41 General Education Building

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