UTHSC VolShop and Bookstore

The VolShop is a convenient, on-campus source for reference books, academic regalia rental, and miscellaneous items required to conduct University business. Book titles and other items not is stock can be readily obtained by special order.

Bookstore Location

930 Madison Avenue, Plaza Level
Memphis, TN 38163

Ordering Procedure

Items may be purchased in the VolShop or ordered via the UTHSC VolShop website. Departments may make purchases up to $4,999.99 from the bookstore. Purchases of $5,000 or above must be obtained through a University contract vendor or be submitted to Purchasing Services by entry of a purchase requisition in IRIS.

Purchase Restrictions

Bookstore items may be purchased by departments for official university use only. Items that are usually intended for personal use (greeting cards, gift items for outside donors or speakers, clothing, cosmetics, food, etc.) may not be purchased and charged to cost center/WBS elements unless they are required for conducting departmental business and written documentation describing the need for and use of the item(s) is retained on file in the department for audit purposes. In addition, the UTHSC chief business officer must approve in writing the purchase of each item whose cost exceeds $100. See Fiscal Policy FI0425 (Campus Bookstore Purchases) and Fiscal Policy FI0405 (Purchasing – General Policies) for policies relating to procurement of personal use items.

Textbook Desk Copies

Publishers usually provide complimentary desk copies of textbooks for faculty use upon request. Departments or faculty members should contact publishers directly to obtain desk copies of proposed or selected textbooks. If publishers will not provide complimentary desk copies, or if copies cannot be obtained from the publisher in a timely manner, textbooks for faculty use may be purchased from the bookstore and charged to the appropriate departmental account. Where applicable, departments should request complimentary copies from publishers for return to the bookstore to receive a credit to the appropriate procurement card or departmental bookstore account (unless the copy from the publisher has been marked "complimentary-not for resale").

Payment Procedure

The preferred method for departments to make purchases from the UTHSC VolShop is by use of a UT Procurement Card. Those departments that have requested and been granted a bookstore charge account will receive invoices from Barnes & Noble when purchases are made. All invoices from Barnes & Noble for purchases from the bookstore should be paid using IRIS transaction MIR7 in reference to framework purchase order number 6500000449. The vendor address that appears when entering this framework order number into the MIR7 transaction is the correct remit to address. A payee address should not be selected. Purchases under this framework order are limited to amounts below $5,000.00. Any requirements above this amount must be submitted to Purchasing Services via a purchase requisition in IRIS.

For additional information contact:

Gary Carter, Manager
Email: gcarter4@utk.edu

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