Program Coordinator

Leigh Ann Barnes is an essential part of our program and is the glue that keeps us together.

I am the program coordinator for the UTHSC Child and Adolescent Fellowship Program and would like to share some of the positives of being one of "my fellows."

We know the importance of keeping our fellows happy to ensure their learning and accomplishing their career goals and attain this by providing our fellows with academics, stability, flexibility, community outreach, a diversified patient population, and camaraderie. Our fellows are supported by: Dr. Ranga, our faculty, the University of Tennessee Department of Psychiatry, the University of Tennessee Graduate Medical Education Department, and myself.

Memphis, Tennessee is large city with a low cost living, music, arts, sports, international food choices, and something for everyone. The great state of Tennessee has no state income tax.

This are just a few highlights of our program. For additional information, contact me at 901-448-2302 or

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Jyotsna Ranga, M.D.
Program Director

Leigh Ann Barns
Phone: 901-448-2302

**Photos Courtesy of Drs. Jack Gills and Ethel Cobbett**