The UTHSC Postdoctoral Association (PhDA)

UTHSC PhDA was established in 2007 as an affiliate of the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) and received the award for the best new NPA chapter in 2008. The PhDA sponsors research and career development seminars, an orientation program, research poster awards, and travel awards for postdocs, as well as a variety of social events. Support for the PhDA is coordinated through the Postdoc Office. The PhDA holds monthly meetings with the Postdoc Office Associate Dean and Administrative Coordinator to discuss postdocs needs, address problems and plan upcoming events.

More information on the PhDA, including PhDA by-laws and membership application, can be found at the PhDA website.

2017 - 2018 Officers and PhDA Steering Committee

Raji Rajesh Lenin, Ph.D. (Co-President)
Purnima Singh, Ph.D. (Co-President)
Sally Elshaer, Ph.D. (Secretary/Treasurer)
Cameron Fili, Ph.D. (Member)
Korah Pushpamangalam Kuruvilla, Ph.D. (Member)
Avtar Meena, Ph.D. (Member)
David Siefker, Ph.D. (Member)
Lynda Wilmott, Ph.D. (Member)
Young In Kim Hoehamer, Ph.D. (Faculty Advisor)