Lester VanMiddleswoth, Ph.D., M.D.

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Professor Emeritus Physiology
Professor Emeritus Medicine
Email: lvanmid@uthsc.edu
Phone: 901-448-5837
Fax: 901-448-7126
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Ph.D., U Calif. Berkeley, 1946
M.D., U Tenn., Memphis 1951

Research Interest

For four decades this laboratory has been evaluating physiology and pathology of the thyroid gland. Studies have included iodine deficiency and environmental contamination by radioactive isotopes. Recent clinical studies suggested that medication used to treat overactive thyroids reduced the biological response to radioiodine. Current investigations involve radiobiology of thyroid cell cultures.

Current Techniques

  • Low Background gamma radiation spectral analysis
  • Tissue culture

Historical Collections

Dr. Lester VanMiddlesworth's personal collection of research notebooks and archives, generated at Univ. of Tenn. Dept. of Physiology before, during, and after his NIH Lifetime Research Grant and academic career from 1946 to 2011 are being compiled on the Department of Energy's OpenNet System.

To access much of Dr. VanMiddlesworth's original lab records use NV035* as the search term in the "SEARCH OPENNET DATABASE" field at the top of the OpenNet System website. As of 9/28/2011 there were more than 780 bibliographic citations and growing in this database.

Research Support

Selected Publications

2000- Present (Total publications=191)

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