Jonathan H. Jaggar, Ph.D.

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Maury W. Bronstein Professor
Phone: 901-448-1208
Fax: 901-448-7126

My Laboratory
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University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK, 1991-1995, Ph.D., Potassium Channels
University of Vermont, Burlington, VT, 1995-1997, Postdoc., Gastrointestinal Physiology
University of Vermont, Burlington, VT, 1997-1999, Postdoc., Vascular Physiology

Research Interest

The focus of my laboratory is to study mechanisms that regulate the diameter of small arteries and arterioles that modulate systemic blood pressure and organ blood flow.  Smooth muscle cells within the vascular wall determine arterial diameter.  Our major focus is to investigate the functional significance of arterial smooth muscle cell plasma membrane and intracellular ion channels and local and global calcium signals in regulating arterial smooth muscle cell contractility. Research in the laboratory involves a multi-faceted approach, studying events at molecular, cellular, intact artery and in vivo levels.  Techniques include molecular biology, biochemistry, electrophysiology, rapid confocal imaging, conventional calcium imaging, immunofluorescence, FRET, pressurized artery myography, use of knockout models, and blood pressure telemetry.

Research Support

04/01/08 - 03/31/17, NIH R01 HL67061, Vascular control by K+ channel trafficking. P.I.
06/01/09 - 02/28/14, NIH R01 HL94378, Calcium Channels in Arterial Smooth Muscle Cells. P.I.
07/01/11 - 06/30/16, NIH R01 HL110347, Arterial Smooth Muscle Chloride Channels, P.I.
04/01/85 - 07/01/17, NIH R01 HL34059, Control of Neonatal Circulation, Co-I.
07/01/09 - 06/01/19, NIH R01 AA11560, Ethanol Actions on Slo1 Channels from Arteries versus Brain. Co-I.
07/01/10 - 06/30/15, NIH R01 HL104631, Vasodilation via Selective Pharmacological Targeting of BK channel Beta1 Subunits. Co-I.
08/01/90 - 07/01/15, NIH R01 HL42851, Hydrogen Sulfide in Newborn Cerebral Circulation, Co-I.

Selected Publications

  1. Xi, Q, Cheranov, SY, & Jaggar, JH. (2005). Mitochondria-derived reactive oxygen species dilate cerebral arteries by activating Ca2+ sparks. Circulation Research, 97, 354-362. PMID: 16020754Received Editorial Commentary by D. Gutterman. Circulation Research, 2005; 97(4): 302-304.
  2.  Jaggar, JH, Li, A, Parfenova, H, Liu, J, Umstot, ES, Dopico, AM, & Leffler, CW. (2005). Heme is a carbon monoxide receptor for large-conductance Ca2+-activated K+ channels. Circulation Research, 97, 805-812. PMID: 16166559
  3. Cheng, X, Liu, J, Asuncion-Chin, M, Blaskova, E, Bannister, JP, Dopico, AM, & Jaggar, JH. (2007). A novel CaV1.2 N-terminus expressed in smooth muscle cells of resistance-size arteries modifies channel regulation by auxiliary subunits. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 282, 29211-29221. PMID: 17699517
  4.   Xi, Q, Adebiyi, A, Zhao, G, Chapman, KE, Waters, CM, Hassid, A, & Jaggar, JH. (2008). IP3 constricts cerebral arteries via IP3 receptor-mediated TRPC3 channel activation and independently of sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ release. Circulation Research,102(9), 1118-1126. PMID: 18388325
  5. Bannister, JP, Adebiyi, A, Zhao, G, Narayanan, D, Thomas, CM, Feng, JY, & Jaggar, JH. (2009). Smooth muscle cell ?2?-1 subunits are essential for vasoregulation by CaV1.2 channels. Circulation Research, 105, 948-955. PMID: 19797702
  6. Adebiyi, A, Zhao, G, Narayanan, D, Thomas, CM, Bannister, JP, & Jaggar, JH. (2010). Isoform-selective physical coupling of TRPC3 channels to IP3 receptors in smooth muscle cells regulates arterial contractility. Circulation Research, 106(10), 1603-1612. PMID: 2037885
  7. Narayanan, D, Xi, Q, Pfeffer, L, & Jaggar, JH. (2010). Mitochondria control functional CaV1.2 expression in smooth muscle cells of cerebral arteries. Circulation Research, 107(5), 631-641. PMID: 2061631. Circulation Research Editors? Pick. Circulation Research Featured Article. Faculty of 1000 Medicine Must Read Article.
  8.   Zhao, G, Neeb, Z, Leo, MD, Pachuau, J, Adebiyi, A, Ouyang, K, Chen, J, & Jaggar, JH. (2010). Type 1 IP3 receptors activate BKCa channels via local molecular coupling in arterial smooth muscle cells. Journal of General Physiology, 136(3), 283-291. PMID: 20713546. Journal of General Physiology Journal Club Article by Mujica and González.  Selected for Journal of General Physiology Facebook Discussion.
  9. Adebiyi, A, Narayanan, D, & Jaggar, JH. (2011). Caveolin-1 assembles type 1 inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptors and canonical transient receptor potential 3 channels into a functional signaling complex in arterial smooth muscle cells. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 286(6), 4341-4348. PMID: 21098487. Editors Choice: Coupled by Caveolin. Science Signaling, Vol. 4, Issue 160, p. ec50. Featured in NAVBO Publications Alert, March 2011
  10. Bannister, JP, Thomas-Gatewood, CM, Neeb, ZP, Adebiyi, A, Cheng, X, & Jaggar, JH. (2011). Cav1.2 channel N-terminus splice variants modulate functional surface expression in resistance-size artery smooth muscle cells. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 286(17), 15058-15066. PMID: 21357696. Received Perspective by Joern R Steinert. Journal of Physiology, 2012; 590 (14):3213-3214.
  11. Bannister JP, Bulley S, Narayanan D, Thomas-Gatewood C, Luzny P, Pachuau J, & Jaggar JH. (2012). Transcriptional upregulation of ?2?-1 elevates arterial smooth muscle cell Cav1.2 channel surface expression and cerebrovascular constriction in genetic hypertension. Hypertension, 60:1006-1015. PMID: 22949532.  Commentary by Luis F. Santana and Jose L.Mercado.Hypertension, 2012; 60:894-895.
  12. Bulley S, Neeb ZP, Burris SK, Bannister JP, Thomas-Gatewood CM, Jangsangthong W, & Jaggar JH. (2012). TMEM16A channels contribute to the myogenic response in cerebral arteries. Circulation Research, 111(8):1027-1036. PMID: 22872152.
  13. Adebiyi A, Thomas-Gatewood CM, Leo MD, Kidd MW, Neeb ZP, & Jaggar JH. (2012) An elevation in physical coupling of type 1 IP3 receptors to TRPC3 channels constricts mesenteric arteries in genetic hypertension. Hypertension, 60:1213-1219. PMID: 23045459.
  14. Bannister JP, Leo, MD, Narayanan, D, Jangsangthong W, Nair A, Evanson KW, Pachuau J, Gabrick KS, Boop FA, Jaggar JH. (2013) The CaV1.2 channel C-terminus fragment is a bi-modal vasodilator. Journal of Physiology 591(12):2987-2998. PMID: 23568894.
  15. Leo MD, Bannister JP, Narayanan D, Nair A, Grubbs JE, Gabrick KS, Boop FA, Jaggar JH. (2014) Dynamic Regulation of ?1 subunit Trafficking Controls Vascular Contractility. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA111(6):2361-2366. PMID: 24464482.