Anjaparavanda P. Naren

A Naren, Ph.D.

Phone: 901-448-3137
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  • 1988 MSc. Biochemistry, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, India
  • 1993 Ph.D. Biochemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India

Research Interest

Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) has been implicated in several diseases. The most lethal being Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disease affecting largely the Caucasian population in the U.S. Our recent work has been involved in understanding the structural and functional aspects of CFTR Cl¯ ion channel biology. Our laboratory deals with 3 major projects, which are:

  1. Exploring the therapeutic potential of some of the reagents we have developed to augment the Cl¯ current activity of partial loss of function CFTR mutants.
  2. To understand the physical and functional coupling of the channel (CFTR) to the receptor (beta 2AR and LPA2) and its relevance to CFTR-dysfunction diseases.
  3. To Define a role for CFTR and t-SNARE (syntaxin 1A and SNAP23) interaction in vesicular translocation.

Research Support

American Lung Association, 07-01-2005 to 06-30-2008
(Career Investigator Award)
Cooperative regulation of MRP 2 and CFTR in lung epithelial cells
Principal Investigator: A. P. Naren

R01 (R01-DK55532) 01-01-2004 to 12-31-08
Intestinal Mucosal Protection by Epidermal Growth Factor
(Principal Investigator: R.K. Rao) Co-Investigator: A.P. Naren

RO-3 (NIH-NIAID)  04-1-07 to 03-31-09
V. cholerae as a bioterror agent: New means of treating a potential pandemic?
Principal Investigator: A. P. Naren

R0-1(DK-74996) 04-01-2006 to 03-31-2010
CFTR-dependent protein interactions regulate diarrhea
Principal Investigator: A.P. Naren

R01 (AA 12307-06) 07-01-2005 to 12-31-2010
Mechanism of endotoxin absorption in alcoholism
(Principal Investigator:  R. K. Rao)
Co-Investigator: A. P. Naren

Selected Publications

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  2. Gardner, L.,Naren, A. P and Bahouth, S(2007)Assembly of a SAP97-AKAP79-PKA scaffold at the type-1 PDZ motif of the human beta1-adrenergic receptor generates a receptosome involved in receptor recycling and networking J. Biol. Chem.282: 5085-5099
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