First Tennessee Chair of Excellence


The First Tennessee Chair of Excellence Symposium hosts a distinguished visiting professor to the University of Tennessee Health Science Center campus annually. The Symposia were initiated in 1994 and has hosted visiting distinguished scientists and clinicians of international prominence. The Symposium has featured the following Keynote speakers.

2012 Symposium Nov 5, 2012 (1-3pm)

  1. Dr. Damian Krysanexternal link - the University of Rochester
  2. Dr. Richard Leeexternal link - St. Jude Children’s Hospital

Past Symposia

  • 1994 William E. Evans, PharmD
    Pharmacodynamics of Childhood ALL
  • 1995 Gerhard Levy, PharmD
    Pharmacokinetics and dynamics as tools to understand inter-individual variability
  • 1996 Leslie Benet, PhD
    Gastrointestinal CYP3A and bioavailability of orally administered medications
  • 1997 Robert Powell, PharmD
    Clinical pharmaceutical research: where to next?
  • 1998 Gertrude Elion, DSc, Nobel Laureate
    Challenges and Rewards of Pharmaceutical Research
  • 2000 Neal L. Benowitz, MD
    Human Pharmacology of Nicotine: From Addiction to Heart Disease
  • 2001 Malcolm Rowland, PhD
    Models, Man, and Modern Medicines: the Age of Productions
  • 2003 Harvey V. Fineberg, MD, PhD
    Individualized Medicine and the Quality of Health Care
  • 2004 Michael Eichelbaum, MD
    Pharmacogenomics: Moving Toward Individualized Drug Therapy
  • 2005 Alastair J.J. Wood, MD
    Pharmacogenetics Prescribing and Drug Development
  • 2007 Alice M. Clark, PHD
    The Evolution of Antifungal Drug Discovery
  • 2008 Julie A. Johnson, PharmD
    Pharmacogenetics of Antihypertensive Agents: Blood Pressure Lowering and Outcomes
  • 2009 Robert A. Blouin, PharmD
    Translational Research and Training: Opportunities and ChallengesLink to Acrobat file
  • 2010The Future of Education, Research and Practice in PharmacyLink to Acrobat file
    1. Joseph T. DiPiro, PharmD
    2. Barbara G. Wells, PharmD, FCCP, BCPP
    3. Marilyn K. Speedie, PhD
  • 2011
    1. M. Lynn Crismon, Pharm.D., FCCP, BCPP
      Dean, College of Pharmacy
      University of Texas at Austin
    2. Courtney V. Fletcher, Pharm.D.
      Dean and Professor
      College of Pharmacy
      University of Nebraska Medical Center
    3. Patricia D. Kroboth, Ph.D.
      Professor and Dean
      University of Pittsburgh
      School of Pharmacy

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