Instrument COP users and NIH major users External users (Other departments in UTHSC) Industry users
Waters Xevo G2-S QTOF with waters Acquity UPLC   $10/hour   $30/hour   $80 per sample
AB Sciex API-3000 With Shimatzu 10Avp HPLC   $10/hour   $30/hour   $80 per sample
AB Sciex API-4500 With Shimadzu Nexera X2 UPLC   $20/hour   $60/hour   $80 per sample
Bruker Equire LC with Agilent 1100 HPLC   No charge   $20/hour   $25 per sample
Varian Inova 500   $10/hour *   $30/hour   $50 per sample
Bruker Avance III 400   $10/hour *   $30/hour   $50 per sample
Gilson preparative HPLC   No charge   No charge   $50 per sample
Perkin-Elmer FT IR   No charge   No charge   $50 per sample
Varian Cary 1E UV   No charge   No charge   $50 per sample
Rudolph Aotopol V Polarimeter   No charge   No charge   $50 per sample
Scintillation Counter  $10/hour  $30/hour  $60/hour

*For Varian Inova 500 and Bruker Avance III 400: ($6/hr during 5PM-8AM and weekends)